Sunday , June 20 2021

Route du Rhum – Jonas Gerckens is a victim of an important accident

(Belgian) Jonas Gerckens is still in the 15th place in class40 with his Volvo104 at Route du Rhum, a transatlantic race held every four years every four years, gathering Saint-Malo in Guadeloupe when he had to face serious injury on Tuesday. , Lièeg sees the underside of his helmage.

Gerckens, who was forced to jump off the edge, had to reduce speed to not worsen the situation. Indeed, the lower part of its rudder port is cut off and no longer allows a Belgian skipper to continue his route in the same direction. "Jonas has, therefore, decided to change his path, hoping to shift his right rudder during the night from Wednesday to Thursday," explained his management in the press release. This stoppage could endanger his goal of breaking the Belgian record, the 15th place in 2014. "This new big glitch is very morally hard, but as long as I did not go over, I still hope for 15th place, even if it's not real won in advance, "said Gerckens. "This new difficulty is particularly hard physically, I was not spared from the start of the race, I only had two days from Sunday and Monday, I need rest, I feel very tired." "This piece of saffron was normally inexhaustible, it is uncomfortable to stop it, it is not any fault … the mistake is not happiness, but I can not do anything about it, you have to accept the situation and move on," wrote the Belgian. With the result Wednesday at 00:50, Gerckens still took 15th place and sailed 1125.2 nautical miles from the goal at Pointe-à-Pitre. (Belga)

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