secure bet of wireless headphones use MegaPeak Rakuten

In immaculate white, the Airpods Pro offers a modern design, tailored to all styles, in the tradition of Apple products. These active wireless noise cancellation (ANC) connections are now popular with millions of iPhone, iPad and other Mac users, and even non-Apple fans could win.

These wireless headphones are there to accompany you in your daily life, whether you are making calls and listening to your favorite sounds in all circumstances. Thanks to a hair-reducing noise microphone that is responsible for capturing the parasitic sounds that surround you, you’ll only have to dive into your own space, even if you’re in a crowded subway. Connected to your Apple devices via Bluetooth version 5.0, AirPods Pro offers flawless signal stability and intact sound quality.

And they are not ready to let you go! Thanks to the included charging box, their autonomy is increased to a potential 24 hours, there is no reason to worry if you forgot to charge them. Another significant advantage of AirPods Pro, 3 sizes of tapered silicone tips, to best fit the shape of your ears. One ” A must have Which scored a solid 9/10 in our 100% independent Clubic Pro Airpods test.

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