Monday , March 8 2021

Sinead O & # 39; Connor wants to "never rub white"

On October 19th, Sinead O & # 39; Connor announced his conversion to Islam claiming that "proud of being Muslim"Since then, named Shuhada Davitt, a 51-year-old musician has talked about her on Tuesday, October 6, causing controversy among many Internet users.

Irish singer released this Tuesday on Twitter. "I'm terribly sorry.
What I'm going to say is so racist that I did not know that my soul could think of something like that one day. But I do not want to hang out with the whites anymore (if we call it non-Muslims) Never again, for any reason. They are disgusting. "

In the second intervention, the question is whether the social network is censoring its position and then attacking Donald Trump. "It will be interesting to see if Twitter is removed [ce message] while [la plateforme] allows people like Trump and Milbank to spread their Satanic rupture on our country "

"No one is disgusting about their ethnicity, no matter who you are on the road ' " there are good non-Muslims, but also bad non-Muslims "Some Internet users answered.

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