Saturday , March 6 2021

"The dream came" (videos)

The Bruges team won 0-4 in Monacou on Tuesday in the Champions League. This success allows Bruges to be third in Group A and they hope to be awarded the European League. "
For a small Belgian team, who won 4-0 in the Champions League, a big dream has come true
"Brunei Ivan Leko coach hailed.

I did not expect this. Of course, we will do everything to win. We knew that at this point Monaco was not good. But for a small Belgian team, winning 4-0 in the Champions League, a big dream has come true. Maybe this was not the best game in the Champions League, but we're rewarded.

Bruges has already led 0 – 3 after 25 minutes. "
He had to be concentrated to the end. I liked that concentration
Leko said. "
Now we know that we have the advantage of the rest of the competition. Great success for four points in the Champions League. After the results, we proposed a very good match.

Bruges met Monaka in a full crash, Thierry Henry's arrival on the bench did not bring the electroshock yet. "
Of course, we've seen there are problems. But in the game, everything can change, especially in the Champions League. We did not come here thinking about the Monk, but we are thinking about ourselves.

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