Wednesday , September 18 2019
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The swine flu kills nearly 170 people in January 2019

Almost 170 people died of swine flu H1N1 in India in January 2019, according to an official report released by the Indian government on Wednesday.

"Pig flu has killed 169 people this year in India, and Rajasthan has run its way into areas affected by the virus," the report said, causing public health concerns about the rapid spread of seasonal disease.

According to data released by the government, until last week, 4,571 people were tested positively.

Rajasthan is at the top of the list of affected states with 76 deaths and 1,976 cases of H1N1 infection, followed by Gujarat with 24 deaths and 600 cases, a spokeswoman for the Rajasthan Department of Health said.

Indian capital Delhi reported about 18 deaths and 532 cases of virus infection, the report says.

The Indian Ministry of Health held a meeting with health officials from the affected states and called for them to step up early detection. He also asked them to book beds in hospitals to treat serious cases.

Cold weather, perfect for multiplying the virus, deteriorated in India in January this year.

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