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This hacker claims to have made a mistake on TE Tihange: Engie denies

RTL INFO met a hacker interested in TPP Tihanga. According to him, it is vulnerable to viruses. An issue? Employees have access to messengers on their work computers. They would be used in a private environment. For whistleblowers, it is a disadvantage. For his part, Engie denies any danger.

The man we met defines himself as a whistleblower who specializes in network security issues. He claims to have engaged in messaging of a man working at TPP Tihange monitor the site, that is, the building supervisor.

The hacker found that the employee sent hundreds of private rooms, text, photos or videos via instant messenger via hundreds of messages. According to our testimony, every element of the door is a possible virus.

We could stop the domain from functioning properly

"It also receives potentially dangerous files, animated images, uncontrolled files. And he returns to the IT domain of Engie Electrabel, in Tihanges, "explains the hacker on condition of anonymity.

He is afraid of stealing data or owning a computer with a virus. "If the person may not be on the strategic servers of the plant, this could prevent the domain as such from functioning properly"our witness says.

What does Engie Electrabel say?

We were contacted by Engie Electrabel, the plant manager, that no sensitive information was found on the server in question. According to her, directing the activity of the place is not connected. "We carry out controls and constant surveillance. There are several teams whose job it is to work on system security every day. I want to say it's like any business"says Anne-Sophie Huge, a spokeswoman for Electrabel.

"We can never be sure, because it is evolutionary. So there are no restrictions on the virus"In his view, the whistleblower we met, he said, the only way to ensure complete security is not to leave the door open.

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