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Three new mandatory vaccines – Polynesia 1. t

So far, the Polynesia has had eight compulsive vaccines two years ago: Polio DTP, Hepatitis B, Haemophilus, Ospice and Rubella, BCG. Three new vaccines are now on the list: pertussis, mumps and pneumococcal disease. Until then, they simply recommended them. The Assembly voted in that direction on Thursday, March 14, following the city's regulations. Only Tavini refused.

On average, one baby per year dies of pertussis in Polynesia. The mothers are not deadly, there is a risk of deafness, even sterility in boys and pneumococcus who no longer kills in Polynesia.

The coverage rate for vaccination in the area is 95%.
The vaccination program annually costs 140 million CFPs for public health (not SPC) and 35 million CFPs in private medicine.

Vaccines, even mandatory, never provide 100% protection. Example with BGC: protects against severe forms of tuberculosis, but not the most prone in Polynesia. In September 2018 cases of tuberculosis were diagnosed at Paul Gauguin High School in Papeete, and in April 2017 at the Tuterai Tane School in Piraeus with vaccinated patients.

In the case of rejection of vaccination, parents are particularly exposed to the inability to enroll a child in school. The texts predict criminal prosecution but are seldom applied. This requires a public health physician to submit to the prosecutor an abusive report.

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