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Trailers: Fantastic Animals 2, Toy Story 4, Pokemon Detective Pikachu (live action)

This week, Fantastic Animals: Criminals of Grindelwald. Millenium: What does not kill me and tickling get in the room. The unexpected waiting for you on the side of the trailer Toy Story 4 (the gear joins the band), a live-action movie Pokemon Detective Pikachu. What else have we done with God?. Objectionable stateetc.

Norbert Dragonneau, Fantastic Animals and Millenium return

After the sage Harry Potter, it is the crossroads of magician Norbert Dragoonau to talk about it. He comes back Fantastic Animals: Criminals of Grindelwald, The story is held in 1927: " Several months after the capture, the famous wizard Gellert Grindelwald escapes his promise and dramatically. By gathering more and more followers, he is responsible for attacking normal people wizards, and only one who once considers his friend, Albus Dumbledore, seems to be able to stop him. ".

Let's go from fantastic to thriller Millenium : Which does not kill me, This is the new adaptation of Millemium sage begun by Stieg Larsson (three novels) and was taken over by writer David Lagercrantz. This is a movie movie: « Frans Balder, the leading Swedish scientist in artificial intelligence, calls Lisbeth Salander to take over the software he has created to take control of nuclear weapons. But the NSA and the group of terrorists led by Jan Holstrom are also on track of the software. Stalking, Lisbeth will invite his friend to journalist Michael Blomkvist who has not seen 3 years ".

Horror in Tickling and Suspicion

Let's switch to a family and social drama about child pornography tickling Andréa Boscond and Éric Metayer, with Karin Viard and Clovis Cornillac. " She was eight, loves to dance and to draw. Why would she be cautious of her parents' friends who offered her to "play tussle"? Odette, Odette is dancing her anger, releasing her word and encompassing life … ".

Let's go awry Suspiria, a film forbidden for at least 16 years: " Susie Bannion, a young American dancer, arrives in Berlin in hopes of joining the well-known dance company Helena Markos. Madame Blanc, her choreographer, impressed with her talent, promotes Susie's dancer. As the final ballet tests intensify, the two women get closer and closer. Then Susie begins to create terrible discoveries about the company and those who lead it … ".

Let's finish the documentary: First absences, Claire Simon. " This is a lifetime portrait: 16/18 years. At that time, if we are lucky, we find ourselves in high school, here we are in Ivry and we are discussing classes, sometimes even during classes. Sit in the corridor or out on the bench or on the fence overlooking the city ".

Cartoons in abundance: Toy Story 4, detective Pikachu, missing connection, like a beast 2

Next year, Toy story will return for the fourth war, with new adventures for the whole band, including Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Potato, Rex etc. After the end of full emotion in Toy Story 3, the toys are in a (very) short first trailer with a new figure asks what he is doing here: a fork fixed on two wooden stickers with chewing gum. It should not be sought, we will no longer know, except for release on June 26th cinema.

You did not dream, and Warner Bros did this: a movie Pokemon Detective Pikachu live action, with the voice of Ryan Reynolds (in the original version of the course). The story takes place in a city where people and pokemon live together, but without mutual understanding.

It begins with the mystery of a private detective Harry Goodman: " The separation that then pushes your son, Tim, 21, tries to find out what happened. Detective Pikachu, Harry's former partner, is involved in the investigation: a wonderful super-detective with ridiculous cravats, which leaves many confused, including himself. Keeping in mind that they are particularly well-suited, Team and Pikacho join forces in an exciting adventure to solve this unseen mystery ".

Since we're talking animals, let's continue with the cartoon Missing link : " tired of living in the North Pacific, Mr Link, funny and wonderful Yeti hires an unforgettable adventurer to find her couples in the Shangri-la valley ". In the rooms cinema in spring 2019.

On July 31, another animated film will be played: Like a beast 2, Illumination has put the first trailer online.

Pokemon Detective Pikachu

Alien conquers, the family has exploded all over the world

Let's move on Objectionable state, whose story develops about ten years after the alien invasion in Chicago. The film explores life on both sides of the conflict: associates and dissidents ". Theatrical release is scheduled for April 10, 2019.

UGC Announces Trailer for What else have we done with God?, following What did we do with God? published in 2014, with the same courage that sometimes has difficulty tracking daughter's life. This time four of his sons (Rachid, David, Chao and Charles) are determined to leave France with women and children to try their luck abroad. " I can not imagine their family far away from them, Claude and Marie are prepared to do everything to keep them. On the other hand, Koffi landed in France for their daughter's wedding. They are not at the end of their surprises ". cinema January 30th.

On the same day another package will be displayed: Tiny 2: mandibles at the end of the worldIt will come five years after the first episode.

Series and documentary film Netflix

As always, Netflix has published many videos online. The first one conveys us to Rome with his series baby, whose first season will be available from November 30th. This is " the story of learning that takes place in the Parisian neighborhood of Paris. Free to inspiration from scandalous prostitution that hit Italy, the series follows a group of teenagers seeking identity and independence, defending social codes on the background of forbidden love, family pressure, and secrecy. divided ".

For the documentary Our planetwill need to wait on April 5, 2019. This series will be animated by a naturalist and scientist Sir David Attenborough. The streaming platform will also return to nature with a new (very free) customization Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling: Mowgli: legend or jungle, which will be available from December 7th.

Here's the parcel: " To find his place, Mowgli will have to accept his destiny and face the dangers of the wild jungle and the civilized world of man, the two universes in which he has never found his place. Looking for his true nature will become a legend ".

In three days, the first season Narcos: Mexico will be put on the net. This series obviously takes place in the universe narcosbut with the change of city. Also note 1983 " Every country has its secrets. Three amazing rebels are ready to discover the whole truth Available from November 30th.

Strange mixes in the arrow, Marvel's sadness

Still in superheroes, the CW channel offers a mixture of genres with a teaser for his "Elseworlds" crossover in the DC Comics universe. We see how Iris West (Allen) loves Oliver Queen as he tells him " I love you Barry Allen ".

In short, the Green Arrow and the Flash layout have reversed their lives, their homes, and even their women, but without knowing why. It will surely be necessary to wait until December 9 to learn more about the episode Flashthen on Monday 10th arrow and finally on Tuesday 11th supergirl.

Finally, remember the past Stan Lee, father of many Marvel superheroes. Many of his acknowledgments were paid and they should continue for a while. You can find videos in this video for more than ten minutes.

As always, do not hesitate to tell us the movies that interest you through comments or on this topic dedicated to our review forum.

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