Friday , April 16 2021

Two Marseille players caught in the middle of a party with 30 people: “Completely irresponsible”

Currently, the clubs are at a standstill, and the selection matches are connected. An opportunity for those who did not join their national team to afford a little effort. And sometimes a little too much. According to the Spanish news agency Efe, a party with more than 30 guests was organized overnight from Saturday to Sunday. Among them is Leonardo Balerdi, an OM defender who is on loan at Dortmund. He’s not the only one. The organizer of the evening, which took place in Batalona, ​​Catalonia, is Paul Lirola, another Olympic defender.

In order to defend himself, the Spaniard, borrowed from Fiorentina, explained that he was “dinner with six people.” But according to the mayor of the city, it really was a real party organized and planned. “Fifty participants and three organizers were punished. I fully condemn this irresponsibility and hope they will be punished by force.” Xavier Garcia Albiol explained on Twitter.

However, this inappropriate behavior should not please the new coach Jorge Sampaoli.

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