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"Unacceptable": The movie about dead Aylan drowned in 2015 creates controversy


Aryan Kurdi's family member Aylan Kurdi, whose photo of the lifeless body became the tragic symbol of the migration crisis in Europe in 2015, said they were "unacceptable" for filming without their consent.

The baby's body was found on the beach in Turkey. Several members of his family have also lost their lives trying to reach the Greek island. Photo of the baby lying on the stomach caused a big change in Europe and encouraged the European Union to open its borders to Syrian refugees for some time.

In an interview with CBC, boy's auntie, Tim Kurd, who lives in Port Coquitlam, near Vancouver, in western Canada, says no one has asked for permission from the family and that the boy's father, Abdullah Kurd, who lives in Iraq, has heard about the film. "He called me, he cried, told me he could not imagine his dead son was alive" in the film, "Kurdus said.

A movie called "Aylan Baby: Sea of ​​Death," in which American actor Steven Seagal has to act, was shot in Turkey, says CBC. His Turkish director, Omer Sarikaya, has released pictures of movie posters on social networks.

According to Kurdish, the family has rejected many bidding offers for the film.

The director told the CBC that the theme of his film, while recalling the story of the Kurdish family, focused on the refugee crisis as a whole. "It will be Aylan Baby, not Aylan Kurdi," adding that now he can not change the title of the movie.

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