Sunday , June 20 2021

VIDEO – Amanda Lear, man? His cash response to rumors

Guest Marc-Olivier Fogiel's show, Divan, the icon Amanda Lear returned with the legendary misinformation of rumors that she was actually a man.

The icon lost nothing of her expression. Amanda Lear was invited Divan Marc-Olivier Fogiel and returned to the rumors that led her for over 40 years and who would love to be a real man: "It's nice, 40 years of talk about me, it took me a long time to bury." When a reporter asks her if she thinks that such astute curiosity is valid for her longevity, she answers: "Not only because I still have some talent but a lot of contributions."

She also says that, with her voice running regularly, the subject is obsessed with the public: "What might shock you 30 or 40 years ago, it does not shock anymore." At that time, it was a lot of talk, and I even had to put a naked eye on it all, all the naked in Playboy, the Penthouse, all of you magazines. my naked pictures in Playboy were widened on my hair screen to see if implantation went forward, back, I did not understand anything. I'll tell you how many people have worked on fixette. "

Always as sexy and magnetic, Amanda Lear today wants a bit more serenity, far from the lonely life of an artist she could lead in her youth.

Photographic credits: COADIC GUIREC / BESTIMAGE

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