Thursday , November 21 2019
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VIDEO. For Alzheimer's patients, "travel therapy" on a fake train [Vidéo]

It is well known that Alzheimer patients often feel the need to get fresh air, but in their "fuse" condition they may be poorly finished. Then in Lot-et-Garonne, the retired home tries an experiment developed by Italian researchers. Mr. Adam is 80 years old. Very disturbed, he regularly wants to escape. His attempts are everyday, from morning till waking up to sleep. Like that day, in front of the "Complex Investigation" camera. The farmer then offers a small excursion … that will not take him away. At the end of the corridor a false station was set up. With a fake train. A décor that looks as if it distracts Alzheimer's. The journey allows the patient to move in his memory. Mr. Adam places himself in a doll, looks at how the landscape moves out of the window (in the screen, in reality), commenting on tracks, listening to the cries of Children on the Platform … The journey allows the patient to manage their memory and find a little calm. Travel therapy, or escape on-site stays. Mr. Adam is on the train for only a few weeks, but his behavior is already developing. His escape attempts are a bit distant. Therapy has enabled him to point his anxieties. Excerpt from "Missing Alzheimer's Disease", see the Report on "Adding Investigation" on January 31, 2019.

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