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Want your mouth full of fungi? Keep going

When they came to the market, electronic cigarettes were to revolutionize the lives of smokers. We could now smoke without worrying about the presence of chemicals in choosing the taste we wanted.

A few years later, when Juul's madness is in full swing, we now know that we have made a mistake and that these electronic rods also have their shortcomings.

But if you really need a new reason to shun steaming, new research from Laval University should convince you. Dr Mahmoud Rouabhia, a professor at the University of Laval School of Dental Medicine, found that electronic cigarette cigarettes stimulate the proliferation of oral fungal infections.

To get to this point, Dr. Rouabhia's team put mushrooms and yeast in the mouth, usually in the mouth, in contact with the steam trains, and noticed that after the exposure appeared nicotine, the yeast increased two more times. For nicotine pairs there was 50% more.

Tissue vats may be partially responsible for the sugars they contain. Yeasts need sugar or carbohydrates to propagate. "These yeast and bacteria are waiting for the development of ideal conditions," explained the researcher at Radio Canada. It is understood that this yeast uses this steam and multiplies. "

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One of the most common infections that can be caused by the electronic cigar smoke is oral bruise, a fungal infection caused by a fungus. Her symptoms include white spots in the mouth and around the lips, and sometimes painful cracks in her mouth.

This is not the first research of the relationship between oral health and steam. Among other things, he also noticed the negative effects of steam on the right health, as reported by Radio Canada. Although it emphasizes the importance of understanding that vaping is very harmful to physical and oral health, he admits that "electronic cigarettes are less harmful than standard cigarettes. That is clear."

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