Tuesday , January 19 2021

with its monster selling, Alibaba explodes its e-commerce record

On a traditional "feast day", a day of monstrous sales in China, Alibaba's online merchant divider again cut off its online sales record on Sunday, although traffic growth slowed down compared to the previous year.

The multilateral group Jack Ma, who recently announced his retirement next year, registered on its various 243-billion-dollar e-commerce platforms for sale (27 billion euros) at 24 hours, Alibaba announced in a statement.

This figure represents the total value of the goods purchased on those platforms, including transport costs.

$ 1 billion for 1 min and 25 seconds

According to Alibaba, $ 1 billion was reached after one minute and 25 seconds in the night from Saturday to Sunday.

Smartphone in hand, tens of millions of Chinese ritually waiting for November 11 at 00h00 to expect a crisis of events to sell.

Alibaba and other Chinese e-commerce groups have been accustomed since 2009 to announce attractive discounts every November 11, named "Single Day" for repetition of "one" figure (11/11),

Anxiety that goes beyond that black Friday

This rage of purchases exceeds the value of "Black Friday", Friday after Thanksgiving at the end of November in the United States and begins Christmas shopping. An individual festival, which is expected to have a high purchasing power, is the largest retail event in the world.

But while the Chinese economy shows signs of slowing down before US trade sanctions, traffic growth is lower than last year: this year it reached 27% compared to 39% in 2017 compared to the previous year. by 2016.

Trade War with the United States

The dark sign, Alibaba's price on Wall Street fell by 16% since the beginning of the year when it doubled last year.

"We need to understand Alibaba and what the group is doing in the context of a long-term middle-class trend in China," said executive vice president of Joe Tsai.

"This trend will not stop, regardless of whether there is a trade war or there is a trade war"he said at the gala before launching the sales day.

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