Sunday , April 11 2021

& # 39; Play football to make history & # 39;

After 5-0 victory over Victor Plzeň in the third leg of the Champions League, some Real Madrid players spoke after the final whistle. Among them, Karim Benzema, the goalkeeper of two goals, made a strong statement, stating that, despite the constant score of the goals, he wanted more titles in the Merengue shirt.

Benzema celebrates one of its goals (Photo: Divulgação / Real Madrid)

Benzema celebrates one of its goals (Photo: Divulgação / Real Madrid)

Photo: LANCE!

– I play soccer to make history. Sometimes many people do not understand what I'm doing in the field, but I am here to help my fellow men. Sometimes I set goals, sometimes I do not know, but the most important thing is to keep the winning title, "he said.

The Frenchman also said the team was more confident of Santiago Solari's arrival, arguing that the current coach for temporary training should be in charge for the rest of the season.

– Julen (Lopetegui) is an excellent coach, but we're now with the Solaris. We are now confident. For me, Santiago (Solari) has to stay up to the end (season).

Casemiro, who scored a goal in his 50th Champions League, praised the team's performance, highlighting a good goal in creating a chances. In addition, he left open the likelihood of Santiago Solari's fitness for fitness as a trainer.

"It was an important night for all of us, we won five goals, it is the result that gives us confidence, but in the other days we created chances but the ball did not go in. We know that Real Madrid is the most demanding club in the world, every time we have to win. And if things are fine, why do not you give Solari's chance (Santiago)? "He cried.

In the meantime, Dani Ceballos was the second to praise Solari's presence, saying the team improved from their arrival and that Real Madrid, despite some bad results, can never be "dead".

"With the arrival of Solarija, the whole team seems to have improved slightly, we have ambitions and the goal of silence of many mouths. As Sergio Ramos has already said: we can not give Real Madrid as dead – finalized.


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