Monday , April 19 2021

A boy who discovered rare cancer during pregnancy testing – National

Nurse If Gerardo Soares Filho, 19, died in Fortaleza on Sunday night. In January last year, a young man from Ceará met after diagnosing cancer during a class undergoing a sex-partying pregnancy test

The test gave a false positive result in detecting hormonal changes caused by rare carcinoma cancer. The tumor was located in the median, the thoracic region of the student.

According to a study conducted by Cncer A.C. Camargo, primary cardiovascular tumors are rare tumor cells of the mediastinum and affect young men aged 15 to 35 years. One of the symptoms is a very high serum b-HCG, the same hormone whose blood dose was used as a pregnancy test.

After the diagnosis, Soares Filho was undergoing chemotherapy sessions at Peter Pan Hospital in Fortaleza. In spite of clinical improvements, they have already shown in June last year that progress has not shown enough recovery to cure.

The Student Family promoted an Internet campaign to cover the costs of the operation for the young man in So Paul. Mobilization was supported by people such as youtubra Whindersson Nunes and comedian Tirulipa Jr.

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