Saturday , January 23 2021

A mirror of life: Alain bought the ring that was Gustavo

Mirror of Life: Alain Buys Ring Gustavo - Press Release / Mirror of Life / TV Globo

The plot of the life mirror, Rede Globo novel, is all surrounded by mystery.

In the chapter on Monday (12), Alain (João Vicente de Castro) visits antique trade and ends up buying an old fashioned ring.

After seeing the jewel, Cris (Vitória Strada) claims to belong to Gustavo, who was Alain in his past life.

Learn more about what is happening in today's chapter:

Isabel disguises her interest in Cris's diary. Alain is curious about Cris's question about his letter. Ana has a nightmare with her daughter. Lenita bans Pat to fill Isabel and Marcela. Gabi and Hugo really start dating. Zezé playing cards for Pat. Cris confesses to Margot that he does not know if he will be able to hide Alain's truth for a long time. Carmo if you dare Floru. Ana calls America to talk about Cris. Isabel is embarrassed when Joses and Mariane suggest that Cris is showing her paintings with Alain. Isabel goes to the antique shop to find information about Julian's cameo. Alain follows Isabella and ends up buying an old ring. Cris sees the ring on Alain's finger and claims that the jewel was from Gustavo.

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