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Agnaldo Timóteo leaves half of the inheritance to the foster mother; the brothers want to annul the will

According to information from the newspaper Extra, Agnaldo Timóteo, who died at the age of 84 due to complications from Covid-19, made a will before he died, leaving half of his property, valued at R $ 16 million, to 14-year-old daughter Keyty Evelyn. The singer raised the girl from the age of 2 and she eventually became the singer’s biggest heir.

Extra also reports that, due to the singer’s wishes, the other 50% of the inheritance will be split between two godchildren (10% for each) and two of his six brothers.

Agnaldo has named Sidney Lob Pedros, a lawyer and friend of the singer for 45 years, the inventor and also the tutu of the girl in his absence.

Despite the love he had for his daughter, the adoption of the girl was never formalized while the musician was still alive.

Late last year, after a stroke and nearly two months of hospitalization, he asked a lawyer to enter the adoption process that took place in January.

The adoption action is taking place in secret in Sao Paulo. However, the public Ministry has temporarily already given a favorable opinion on custody of the girl, thus establishing that Timóteo’s lawyer be Keyty’s mentor.

Testament of the brothers

Despite Timóte’s will, the singer’s brothers want to seek the annulment of the will, claiming that Agnaldo was confused at the time that determined the division of property.

Ruthinete, one of the singer’s sisters, came to make a media statement in which she says that the singer was disoriented and could not be held accountable for his actions. She even asked to be named the singer’s inventor. Justice denied the request.

The singer’s lawyer for Extra spoke of the singer’s wish: “As an inventor, I just want Agnald’s will to be respected, by setting me up as the girl’s tutor, so I can take care of her until I’m 18.” “Agnald’s first request was for me to be Keyty’s teacher. Volunteer teacher, I don’t get a penny to teach her. He also left me as an inventor. At the same time, we opened a will action to find out who the beneficiaries are, ”he concluded.

The singer’s foster mother is in Sao Paulo with her maternal grandmother. A friend of the singer reports Ruthinete’s neglect of Keyty. After the musician’s death, she confirmed that Ruthinete said the following sentence: “Keyty came out of the trash and the trash will come back.” “That girl was everything in Agnaldo’s life, and it made me very sad,” he continued.

A nephew and former adviser to Agnaldo Timóte, Timotinho says the singer’s brothers never accepted Keyty. He also draws attention to the fact that Ruthinete wants the will annulled and warns that if Keyty’s adoption is confirmed, she may inherit up to 100% of the artist’s property.

Among the goods left by Timóteo are a house in Barra da Tijuca, an apartment in Villa Valqueire, both in the western zone of Rio, an estate in Sao Paulo, a commercial room in Copacabana and some cars.

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