Saturday , May 15 2021

Amazonense Raylla Araújo is in the final of The Voice Kids

Manaus – On Sunday (7), the little Amazon, Raylla Araújo, 13, is in the final of the music reality show Voice Kids, Rede Globo. In social networks, Amazon has celebrated its nomination to represent the country in a national contest.

Little, born of President Figueiredo, was third of Brown's team who sang on the stage. With the new version of Amor I Love You, composed by Marisa Monte and her Reality Technician, Carlinhos Brown, Rayla has raised the audience and succeeded in falling in Brazil's favor.

When asked about the presentation of Amazone, technique and singer Cláudia Leitte were moved.

"I think it's always amazing, her song takes me to a special place, dream and faith. She has a very mature way of singing." In this issue Rayl reveals that there are many children who are delighted. it's magic, "she said.

Carlinhos Brown has praised the singer several times and then gave 20 points to Amazon, which were added to the vote.

"Nature has brought you something good, it is so generous that you are being perceived, you are sweet, not only to bring the Amazon rainforest into your voice, but to bring the air we breathe." the fact that the public has always chosen you "

Rayla, a student at the Maria Calderaro State School, located on Aquariquar Avenue, President Figueiredo Center, began singing very well and received encouragement from family members and colleagues from the teaching unit.

Before singing, Bahia Carlinhos Browna's singers asked for the best time in the program. Raylla said the blind audition marked her participation in The Voice Kids.

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