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An Unsafe Future? Microsoft has changed Cortan to its application store.

Virtual Assistants are getting more and more important. The users relied on them for the most basic and recurring actions.

Microsoft went into that field with Cortan and integrated it into Windows 10. It now appears to be moving to its application store to ensure much more.

Cortana Microsoft Windows 10 Virtual Assistant

This move that Microsoft unexpectedly convinced that Cortana follows what it has already done with other Windows 10 native applications. They are no longer uniquely connected to the system and are now in the company's application store.

Change from Cortan to Microsoft Store

When you move the wizard to this new location, Microsoft will soon make major changes. The first is that it no longer depends on the installation of Windows 10. t So, only users who really want Cortan will install it.

Second, Cortana is independent of the system so it can receive updates. This will be current and periodic, without user intervention. The same Microsoft store will try to install news

This virtual assistant leaves Windows 10

For now, Cortana is already in the store, but still has a Beta tag. This means that Microsoft will continue to develop until it is stable. It is then expected to be removed from Windows 10 and just there.

Microsoft's share in Cortana was high. This wizard follows the same line as its competitors, but has the advantage of being present on many more platforms. In this way, there is a wider public.

It is not known whether the change that has now been made will be free of Windows 10 users and give the choice of choice to use. Close to Alexa is growing and this can be an important factor.

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