Tuesday , May 18 2021

BBB19: Rízia understands the colossal stupidity she has done and despairs

Alagoano Rizia left his fans in shock Big Brother at night this Saturday (6).

During the formation of the wall she had the opportunity to tie voices, but she preferred to vote Caroline, which left her connected with Hariany. In tiebreaker, leader Paula saved Hariany.

Not realizing what she did, she saw that the stitch fell only a few minutes later.

When she realized that, she was desperate.They think I'm stupid., He said.

At a party that stirred the dawn, Rizia he sat far from an isolated dance floor. She cried and showed that even she could not explain what had happened.

Earlier it was comforted by one of the sisters. "Delivery, everything that needs to be"says Carolina.

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