Sunday , May 16 2021

BBB19: "Rizião has everything, I see it with $ 1.5 million," Gabriela says

At dawn today, after eliminating the eleventh wall, Gabriel interviewed former BBB Fernanda Keulla in the online program "RedeBBB". During the conversation, the sister talked about the favorites for the award and relationships inside the house.

Asked about the next wall and who would win the program, Paul was direct: "I think Paulinha has a big crowd, but she may have said things that insult people here." Now Rizião has everything. she's $ 1.5 million. "

Gabriela seemed pleased with her elimination. "I think I can have a crowd, but Rizia should have a lot more. It's fast, easy, I knew there was a big crowd here," said former BBB. "I think I'll go anyway, I do not know how the two of them are here, but I think I would go out with Hari or Peixin," the percussionist said.


São Paulo laughed very much when he was informed of the "Gafish" ship, created by fans to unite Gabriel and Carolina Peixinho. "I just talked to Peixin that she remembered many of my former men, that I was scared to death, but that's all," Gabriel said.

She also took the opportunity to reveal her mysterious dream, which she found to love her sister. "It was a dream I had, God, I have to talk, I dreamed that I was talking to a person in bed and I saw that person has a beautiful mouth." "I lived so beautifully, that was a mouth," he concluded.

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