Thursday , May 6 2021

Bethesda is back and goes to sell non-cosmetic products at Fallout 76

Bethesda announced this week that he will begin selling non-cosmetic articles Fallout 76 from the next update.

so-called "Repair kits" will have two different versions, one basic and the other enhanced. The basic version consists of a disposable item that allows you to repair the equipment in your inventory up to 100%, and anywhere, without the need to spend on producing the material. You can buy this item by filling out the challenge or by purchasing it Atomic Shop using their atoms.

It's already there Repair kits can only be used once but guarantees longer service life by up to 150% damage to the equipment. These items are less frequent, but can also be purchased for free as a player participates in events such as winning Queen Scorchbeast.

While giving players who invest "Real Money" more advantages than others, the practice of selling items is common in online games, especially when market items can also be won during the game. However, the community's complaint arises from the fact that at the very beginning of the sale 76 itself published a notice Pete Hines confirmed that the company will not accept this format pay-to-win in the game.

The lack of Bethesd's commitment to the players was one of the most critical community places since the launch of Fallout 76. Reddit's discussions now appear to show disrespect for the player.

So far, Bethesda has not been officially proclaimed on the sale of non-annals, but the changes that are made Patch 8 will lead to the game can already be checked in their official note

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