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Bitcoin transactions totaling $ 23 billion R $ are included in just one block

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25 million Bitcoin transactions are included in one block on Sunday (30).

Bitcoin Block Bot, a account in Twitter dedicated to reporting unusual Bitcoin transactions reported that in Block 583,139 25 BTC transactions worth $ 6 billion (about $ 23 billion) were included.

A total of 25 transactions were made, ranging between 19,000 and 23,000 BTCs, each of which amounted to almost a billion R $.

In one transaction, a message was written in their output scripts: "We will buy your Bitcoin. [email protected]"(We will buy your Bitcoin, in free translation).

On one of the other addresses it was possible to see huge amounts of Bitcoin. In total, this address has already received more than 5,959,841 BTCs, which corresponds to an amount of Rs 260 billion.

Despite the huge amount, the address has a balance & # 39; just & # 39; 6.287 BTC.

How transactions are executed

According to AMBCrypto, these transactions were part of large-scale linear transactions that started at the 3LAEo5ZKdMp3uPhKZ9BzXmn7WZAvhuSjL3 portfolio and ended at the 3AKWCzcxiNBxUhDJxVWN83wAgMje7pC3yv portlet.

The first transaction was between 3LAEo5ZKdMp3uPhKZ9BzXmn7WZAvhuSjL3 and portraits of the sender 3D9vAVJesUfkSWcpxMKnCbetNu3VQ2RTZT, which received 24,392.93062596 BTC.

Another portfolio, 1NDyJtNtjmwk5xPNhjGAMu4HDHigtobu1s, received 300 BTCs from the same sender. After further investigation, it is noted that the last address is permanent in all 25 transactions and that it has received an amount of 5,800 BTCs.

The address of the recipient transferred another 300 BTCs together with the transfer 24.092,93013651 BTC to the other address of the wallet that was registered as 3DW9sauXcyuo3kAVXLiaFAUuRQqsWgoU5P. Similarly, the transaction chain continued 23 times.

Image showing transactions (Source: AMBCrypto)

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