Friday , March 5 2021

Bolsonaro promises there will be no unforeseen circumstances for the Armed Forces

President-elect Jair Bolsonaro said today at the Ministry of Defense's door that there will be no funds for the armed forces. Asked, he said that this definition would be the future Minister of Economy Paulo Guedes. Paulo Guedes said he was [haverá cortes nos recursos para as Forças Armadas], Nothing nice. It is a recognition of the Armed Forces, but Paulo Guedes, who commands the economy, "Bolsonaro said before attending lunch with Defense Minister Joaquim Silva and Lun.

The elected president also said he hopes to end the ministry's composition by the end of the month.

When he arrived at a meeting with the commander of the Navy, Admiral Eduardo Bacellar, Leo Ferreira, Bolsonaro said that the armed forces would have their own government and should not cease to have prestige and importance. "Armed forces are the guards of our constitution. Armed forces will occupy a prominent place and will again be part of the ministerial table, even in the informal sector, if that is the case," he said.


Part of the team that will lead the government transition has arrived in Brazil, along with Bolsonar, in the Air Force Aviation. Works began officially on Monday, but should be intensified today. One of the main issues relates to pension reform.

Temer and Bolshevik government members want to study what can be approved later this year. "We would love something. That's not what we want, but what we can approve in the House and Senate," Bolsonaro said before lunch.

The Transition Office operates in the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center (CCBB), under strong security schemes, strengthened by national strengths.

For the afternoon, Bolsonaro has meetings with Navy Commanders, Admirals Eduardo Bacellar Leal Ferreira and Army of General Eduardo Villas Bôas.

Tomorrow (7) breakfast is scheduled with Commander of the Air Force, brigadier Nivaldo Luiz Rossato. A meeting will also be held with the chairmen of STF, Dias Toffoli and the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ) João Otávio de Noronha.


In the afternoon, Bolsonaro reported on a meeting he had with the Chinese ambassador to Brazil, Li Jinzhang. "We are expanding our trade, I have confirmed that we will not have any trade with ideological bias, neither right nor left." The Brazilian economy, which is important, and the ambassador in my opinion, is extremely impressed with what happened yesterday at home, "he said.

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edition: Lílian Beraldo and Sabrina Craide

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