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Corinthians and São Paulo will face five times this weekend

In addition to the main conflict, for the 32nd round of the Brazilian Championship, the boys from the base of the two teams will play four times

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São Paulo, SP, 09 – Corinthians x Parish hotels in Dublin for all tastes. What will not be missing this weekend is "grandiose", a nickname of the class that brings together two of the country's biggest rivals. In addition to the main clash of this Saturday at 17:00 in Itaqui, for the 32nd round of the Brazilian Championships, both teams play four times from Saturday to Sunday, decisions are made.

The schedule begins on Saturday at 10 am, when U-20 teams face each other in the semi-finals of the Paulista Championship of this category. In the first encounter at the São Jorge Park, Corinthians took the best: 1 to 0. This time, the tricolor is controlled, and the game takes place at COTI CT, the base of the São Paulo base division. The match will be aired live on the Paulista Football Federation (FPF) Facebook page. In the second half, Palmeiras is well on track after beating Ponte Preto 4-1 in his first leg.

Then, as has already been said, there is a duel between Jair Venture and Diego Aguirre in Corinthians Arena, at 17.00. Corinthians have 39 points, in the 12th place, and Sao Paulians fourth, with 57. On TV, the game will be broadcast only on pay-per-view.

The other doubles will be held on Sunday morning, all for Paulista championship in each category. At 9 o'clock there is a U-15 conflict, and in this case the advantage is tricolor. With 3-0 in the first stage, São Paulo can lose up to two goals difference in Cotia CT to secure a place in the decision. Who wins will win Palmeiras v Santos, who play in the final on Saturday – Palmeiras won first place for 3 to 1. Game under 15 will be broadcast live on the official São Paulo channel on YouTube.

 Photo: Afonso Pastore /

Photo: Afonso Pastore /

From 10:30 PM, Majestic is valid for younger than 13 at São Jorge Park. On the way, the tricolor club has won the minimum score (from 1 to 0) and the drawing game. On the other hand, Palmeiras is also close to the tie in the Northwest defeat for 2 to 0 in Baur.

Closing weekend Corinthians vs São Paulo, has a classic at 11 o'clock in U-17. Arrival of the elimination in Brazil glass in the category last Thursday, the tricolor team is trying to return to the top of the country. The odds will be in Coti, and also via YouTube (the link above).

Check Summary of Majestic Day Order:

Saturday (10)

10h – Sat 20: São Paulo vs. Corinthians, in the

17h – Professional: Corinthians vs São Paulo, in Itaquera

Sunday (11)

9h – Sat-15: São Paulo opposite Corinth, in Coti

10:30 – Sub-13: Corinthians vs. São Paulo, in the São Jorge park

11h – Sat 17: São Paulo vs. Corinthians in Coti

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