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Cuban doctors leave 200,000 in just two cities of the Big General of BiH

Patients like Hyohane Fernandes of Santa Luzie take care of the future in front of victims in the team and praise the strangers:
Patients like Hyohane Fernandes, from Santa Luzie, take care of the future facing the victims in the team and praise foreigners: "Targeting Consultation and Professionalism" (photo: Jair Amaral / EM / D.A PRESS)

Cuban doctors who served in the Brazilian municipalities no longer take up the job. By yesterday's notice, by canceling the contract renewal and by announcing the announcement by the Ministry of Health of the announcement of the completion of 8.517 vacancies in 2.824 municipalities and 34 indigenous specialty sanitary facilities (see table), experts did not participate in consultations in several cities. In Great BiH, the change leaves in the waiting room about 200,000 patients in only two cities with the largest contingent of aliens in the Caribbean: Ribeiro das Neves and Santa Luzia. Out of a total of 603 positions now need to be recruited in Minas, 87 are predominantly located in Belo Horizonte Metropolitan Region municipalities, 32 are two prefectures.

The decision of the Cuban government to repatriate medical experts after criticizing the president of the elected Jaira Bolsonar, who he considered offensive in the diplomacy of that country, was also surprised by the administrations in which the teams worked with the patients. Cuban doctors were instructed by the Ministry of Health and the municipal secretaries not to comment on the situation, but among those attending the team was obviously concerned about the future of health care in the cities.

In Ribeiro das Neves, of a total of 35 professionals from the Bridge of Mdicos, 17 came from Cuba. The calculation that leaving them leaves about 130,000 people in line, waiting for a replacement. In Santa Luzia, out of 23 program members, 15 were Cuban. Returning to the Middle East Island, a population estimated at 68,000 people is waiting for the job vacancy to be filled.

In Santa Luzia, at the health clinic in Bairro Bom Jesus, time was wasted on Monday, the last day of Dr. Albe's work, as mentioned by the Cuban medical patients who attended them. In the waiting room, the number of people who are waiting to hear are separated to praise the work of a professional. Public Service Snia Maria Santos, 56, said the arrival of an alien "the best thing that has happened to the community in the healthcare area".
She remembered the time when city stations could not hire experts for the value of wages and competition with municipalities with greater economic strength. "Doctors have rarely stayed here for a long time," he said. According to the servant, the Cuban physician and his team have changed the form of care. "He is very attentive, polite, will examine the patient with his hands, talk with his eyes and visit us at home in situations where we can not move. To be an unmistakable loss," she complained.

Komplimente repeats Luciana Aparecida da Silva, 35. "With her I made all the prenatal of my daughter, born 15 days ago, a wonderful person I did not feel with her how little she felt about other professionals," he said. Antero Antnio dos Reis, 66, a maintenance mechanic, still hoped the doctor would stay at the station. "People here on the periphery have a hard time getting something good, and now we can not let her go," she complained.

Also, not believing in the possibility of leaving the doctor, Terezinha Luza Alves, 85, said he had already passed through several experts in his life "some good, the other not so much, but this special," he said, with the consent of the neighbor waiting, Llio Loureno , 60. "Here is unanimous," she commended. At Sade So Geraldo Post, in the center of Santa Luzie, they praised repeatedly for the doctor Leidys Peres. And Hyohana Fernandes, 25, attended by Rosla Verdecia Gonzalez, said the consultations were objective and very professional.

Prefeituras already make bills

For Santa Lucia's Secretary of Health, Ndia Cristina Duarte Tom, drop in Most Medical Program "The biggest loss for the care model we are dealing with since 1998" The City of Grande BiH had a project for the procurement of the labor force that was missing in the most critical points of violence and social vulnerability. "In these four years, there have been no historical records of conflicts between these communities and the Cuban doctors," she said.

Ndia thinks the training of these experts is more humanized, since they are the focus of their preventive action. But he believes the best positive effect for the city is to provide the physician with the team. "The basic program of care programs, such as the Family Health Program (PSF), for example, the relationship between the medical staff and the family have brought you this legacy, a new working philosophy. You have a community health experience," he said.
While agreeing with the motives that led to the question of Cuba's participation, Ndia believes that the "abrupt" way in which the agreement was terminated was rejected. And he hopes it is time to re-set teams as low as possible. The secretary is already calculating and forecasting a monthly cost of $ 270,000 for municipal cashiers if vacancies are not filled out by multiple doctors.

Secretary of the Sade de Ribeiro das Neves, Jacinta da Mota Jnior, believes the program has aggravated the demand for doctors in the city, mostly in remote locations where there was no rejection by Cuba professionals. The city has 55 PSF teams, of which 35 are the largest Micos, 17 of which are Cuban leaders. The head of the ministry said the city's human resources sector was activated to provide a selective process if it did not get candidates to fill vacancies, which would increase the cost of the budget by around 210 thousand kuna per month.

Without a consolidated number, the secretary said that "relief" in emergency services and hospitals is visible when preventive health is given priority. "Big influence PSF prevents acute illness, prevents the patient from diabetes or hypertension, for example, from stroke or stroke. For every dollar spent on prevention, we saved four," he said.

Fast response to care

According to a statement by the Ministry of Health, the announcement yesterday issued an emergency measure adopted by the Brazilian government to secure assistance at places that had Cuba experts after the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) statement in which the Cuban government reported on the closure of co-operation in More physicians program. It is scheduled to open a new call on November 27 for Brazilians trained abroad and abroad.

Decrease of Cuban physicians' participation in Most Medical has been conducted by the Ministry of Health since 2016. At that time about 11,400 Cuban experts worked on the program, which fell to the current 8.332. With the property, 185 cooperative doctors who were in the period of withdrawal or closure would be replaced.

The president of the National Council of Health Ministers (Conasems), Mauro Junqueira, said the Ministry's response to the health was faster than expected. "Prior to that, the medical documentation was validated for about 90 days, with the help of experts in December." In the short term, it is important to include municipalities and invite doctors not to leave the population without supervision, "said Mauro Junqueira.

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