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Fertalo Ferreira is the champion in the opening phase in Australia and leads a vacant post in Tokyo 2020. | world surfing

The world title of the race and place at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 already have the leader: alotalo Ferreira. With an emotional turn in the last moments, the Brazilian defeated American Kolohea Andy, 12.57 to 12.43, raised Brazil's public beach in Praia de Durambah and won the World Surfing Circuit (CT) in Australia.

– It was incredible. I train a lot and now I got my first win of the year. The season started! Come on! said Italo.

On his way to the title, Italo defeated Australian Wade Carmichael in the quarter-finals and, in the semi-finals, made the best duel against Jordy Smith. He won 15.33 to 14.67 and defeated Gabriel Medina, who was eliminated by South African.

In the wake the waves dropped and the wind increased the difficulty for the two finalists. Surfing in front of the waves because of it being regular, Kolohe blamed the reverse airship. He did a few and only improved his ratings. With only eight minutes left, the American had the first two on drums: 5.93 and 6.50, with a total of 12.43, versus 10.73 for Italo. The Brazilian, who was Goofy, did what he could with his back against the wall of waves, but the notes did not exceed 5.50. Two minutes after finishing, Bayo Formosa surfer got the best wave, finished the full rotation in the finals and only heard the message in the sand: 7.07 points. End of battery, 12.57 to 12.43.

Last year, Italo won the first three career: Bells Beach, Keramas (Bali) and Peniche (Portugal). After uneven years, he finished fourth in the lineup and did not reach the last match in Hawaii, fighting with Medina, Filipe Toledo and Australian Julian Wilson for world title.

In a women's competition, 17-year-old American Caroline Marks defeated Carissa Moore in Hawaii and became one of the youngest surfers to win on the CT stage, along with Australian Stephanie Gilmore.

Gabriel Medina has already faced Jordy Smith in the quarter-finals. The last duel between them was in the semi-finals at Pipeline in the past when Gabriel defeated South Africa and became the double world champion. This time the Brazilian did not look to the sea. It took almost 8 minutes to get the first wave, which was bad. By that time, Jordy already had two notes that contributed 9.84. As long as the Brazilian did not hit the air in the small wave and entered the fight with 4.23.

Medina came to Australia with two minutes to go, with a slightly higher wave, hit, ended up with the reversed air and scored 5 points. However, Smith secured the second finals by knocking the air oop, followed by beating, reaching 7.5 more points and reaching the score at 13.17 to 9.23.

"It's hard to compete when you do not have a chance, but it's hard to find good waves, but I'll take it now, but now I want to get more waves and have more opportunities next time." I want to thank all fans for fans and fans. world champion.

The second round of the World Tour begins on April 17 at Bells Beach.

Check out the results of the last day:

the end
Fertalo Ferreira 12,57 x 12,43 Kolohe Andino

1. Ivan John Florence (HAV) 8.96 x 9.23 Kolohe Andino (USA)
2 – Jordy Smith (AFS) 14.67 x 15.33 Italo Ferreira (BRA)

1 – John John Florence (HAV) 11.00 x 10.56 Conner Coffin (USA)
2 – Seth Moniz (HAV) 11.47 x 12.33 Kolohe Andino (USA)
3 – Gabriel Medina (BRA) 9.23 x 13.17 Jordy Smith (AFS)
4 – Italo Ferreira (BRA) 11.07 x 9.77 Wade Carmichael (AUS)

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