Friday , April 16 2021

Former Ronaldinho criticizes Urach for returning to Miss Bumbum: ‘Ingratitude’

Viviane Brunieri, known as the former Ronaldinho, condemned the return Andressa Urach Miss Bumbum. The model announced last Monday (22) that she is the new partner and poster girl of the competition. The evangelical missionary, who said the two went into prostitution by the same agency, criticized Andress’s stance.

“This topic is very sensitive. I speak with a lot of fear and pain in my heart, because God is love, but he is also justice. She became a reference for a madwoman who spat in the face of others and God did a beautiful deed in her life. I didn’t even know the things she was already living with, with which she had already made a program, I don’t know with how many men in the same night. I knew she was a prostitute because I was helped by the same person who ran her. In the end, we know things. But I never imagined that the path she was taking was so vague. And with all that and close to death and conversion, it has become a reference to many young women. I pointed her out myself, she asked him to follow her on social media, buy her book, ”she told Quemu.

Asked if she really believes in the religious phase of Urach, Vivi said yes. “I believed in her conversion, yes. But the very word of God says, ‘Watch and pray, for the spirit is ready, but the flesh is weak.’ We will be tempted every day, at different times. The difference is not in giving in to temptation. It was a time she had already given in to, and then she came back. And God is merciful and has given another chance. However, what she has done now is not legal. If you want to leave the church because you disagree, that’s fine. Remembering that they welcomed her when she needed it. There is a lot of ingratitude. But the way she set herself up became disrespectful. This is very serious. One should not mock God’s things. Unfortunately, or fortunately, what she plants will reap. She insisted on making a mistake, “he said.

The missionary said she was stunned when she discovered Urach’s return to the competition. “It is very sad. I pray for her life and for her to come true and remember everything that happened, as she herself testified in her book. It is a real living testimony of God’s power. It has been restored, healed. I understand that this is a pandemic. “Her problem is not seduction with money, but mockery and playing with God’s word. I emphasize that the problem is not to succumb to temptation, but to expose people to sin as something natural. It will really have terrible consequences. May God have mercy on her.” , laments.

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