Sunday , May 9 2021

Gabriel The Thinker celebrates music with the crowd

Emission Gabriel Misli the afternoon Lollapalooza 2019 gathered an impressive audience in front of the Onix stage. In one-hour non-stop rhythms, the audience took over the spirit of rap performance, from the first few lines "To Feliz" to the final note "Hasta Quando?".

The first song, released in Michel Temer, was the most political moment of the show, which developed more about positive energy and good vibrations. The whole audience quickly took over the atmosphere created by the impressive Gabriel band, with lots of rhythms, a DJ that did not stop the music and the amazing percussion. It has not been long before nostalgia Lollapalooza, who sang with the lyrics "Patria Que Me Pari" and "Cachimbo da Paz", songs from the album 1997.

Reper was grateful for the love of people with a lot of smiles and energy, but the show was a hilarious compilation of his career songs, without a break for brilliant talk, just stopped to meet the band and brought the composers and partners to the stage as Taís Alvarenga and Amanda Coronha, The Sound of the Onix Stage had difficulty only in duo moments, when the microphones adapted slowly to different voices, but in general, DJ productions, which were in the middle and above the stage, sounded perfect.

One of the most beautiful elements Gabriel Misli, is to develop as a Brazilian music celebration, very well received. When an artist is honored Charlie Brown Jr., in the cover of "Zóio de Lula", the public was grateful for the big chorus, and the "Faith in Fight" amendment was given an exciting moment. The mood was quickly interrupted by the fun freestyle that proved the talents of the rapper, but returned again when the audience "Repeat Words" took over the choir, with an excerpt from "The Fathers and the Boys" from Urban LegionIt was a rap presentation, but with eclectic moments, which made sense lolla.

Gabriel Misli He seemed to be having fun all the time, happy seeing the crowd who filled the bottom of the lawn Onix stage, His presentation was accurate, with a certain amount of nostalgia, Brazilian music and hip-hop, with a lot of positive energy.

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