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Giovanna Ewbank opens a fight with Bruno Gagliasso

Giovanna Ewbank explained what happened and talked about the alleged fight she had with her husband, Bruno Gagliasso.

The actress and youtuber used the Stories to open the game about rumors about the fight between her and her wife at her friend's birthday party. Thaila Ayala, which rolled off on Sunday (14).

"My love, good morning! I came here and I want to clarify something. Today I woke up bombed with messages: People, what happened, did you fight with Bruno?– said Giovanna.Then I saw some stories that talked about the alleged fight I had with my husband on a birthday. Come."

"I was on a friend's birthday, Thaile, and I met a couple of season friends at Fitnes, friends I love and have lots of history. And we have not seen it for a long time because of the rush. And we promised each other that we would never stop seeing, even if life is a rushhe explained.

Giovanna finally talked about tears during the fun:I go more than joy than sadness. That's why I was celebrating at the party, with joy, happily with those who started my professional life with me and shared experiences, and that was very good."

In the end, he clearly made it clear that none of this has anything to do with fighting with Bruno:At one point I did not fight my husband, whom I also love with passion and who was happy to see me with the people I love".

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