Saturday , May 15 2021

Globo presenters leave air after winning Boca Bolsonar on Twitter Famous TV

Domaine GloboNwes Leilane Neubarth and Monica Waldvogel were left out of air after knocking Jair Bolsonaro on Twitter.

According to TV News, two women stayed the last five days last month for opposing the Editorial principles of the Globo Group, which bans professionals to politically demonstrate on social networks.

Buzz happened after Bolsonaro released a video with a rude gossip on Twitter. Leilane then announced, "Yesterday I'm trying to figure out what the president of the Republic needs to set up such an eschatological scene," she said and labeled.

"The scene set by the president is not what he says" what has turned many streets. "I've been on the carnival, in the streets for decades, and I have never seen anything like that. In fact, in my 60s I have only seen such eschatology and I saw no choice … that's what happened in my TL, "he continued.

On the same day Leilane replaced Leila Sterenberg and returned only five days later. Mônica had already questioned whether the profile with an unlikely feature even from Bolsonaro. "Is this really the President of the Republic of Brazil?" He then objected to a follower who said the president lacked "decency", and Bolsonaro said, "And what is missing?" The reporter did not appear in the air afterwards.

However, according to the publication, Globo denies that both are suspended and says the absence was for private reasons.

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