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Google will build a new submarine cable connecting Europe and Africa

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Google has announced the installation of another private Internet submarine cable between the European continent and Africa, which will pass through the entire African coast from South Africa, with the last station in Portugal.

The new cable should appear in 2021 and is named Oulaudah Equiano, named after a writer and abolitionist born in Nigeria. In the past three years, Google says it has invested $ 47 billion in strengthening its technology structure, saying it is its third private international project and the 14th in which it has a share.

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The first, named Curie, was completed in April this year and runs between Chile and Los Angeles, while others will join the United States and France until next year. These cables carry about 99% of the planet's data traffic.

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Cable Equiano will have some differences compared to the other, with 20 times higher network capacity than the last built in the region.

Source: Google Cloud

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