Sunday , May 9 2021

Happy and angry. Flamenguistas exalt finale, but angry at Abela and VAR

Flamengo started off with Fluminense from 1 to 1 yesterday and qualified for the Carioca Championship final. It is obvious that the fans are satisfied with the fact that they have eliminated the rivals, but some situations have taken red and black in this semi-finals serious.

Irritation Abel Brag is not new, but has won a new chapter last Saturday. Coach won the teammate to divide the crowd of the audience: VAR. Video Assistant on some occasions came into action, and Flamengo was bad.

Euphoria for another place in the finals could be complete, but on the way was VAR and Abel Braga.

Rebound with VAR

At the start of the day Willian Aaron opened the points, but the audience was astonished. VAR came into action and pointed to Leo Duarte's foul on Rodolfo. A few minutes later, Gilberto hit the elbow in Renê. The judge checked the TV again and gave only the yellow color. In Everalda's hand there was still a ball with an ignored penalty. Despite flamengous rebellion, commentators of arbitration praised the decisions.

The only mistake, in fact, occurred in Diego's strike for Uribe. The referee signaled a disappointing track, but the referee was far fetched. The command is to allow the move to follow and cancel the target with the help of VAR if that is the case. Worse still, Columbus was in a legal position.

Pô, Abel

Abel Braga had heavy days at Flamengo and, as it turned out, the drama must follow. Aside from the fact that the team does not represent a good football, some coaches have chosen the fans' patience. Last Saturday he decided to shoot at Uribe for the match Libertadores – Gabigol will be suspended. His preference for Colombian instead of Arrascaeti was tortured by many red blacks.

The game brought answers

And fans' complaints got even greater credibility after the game brought some answers. Uribe got a new opportunity and was once one of the worst in the field. In addition, the team grew up in production after entering Arrascaet, praised by fans.
With Gabigol against San Jose-BOL, fans expect only Arrascaeta to be chosen as a natural substitute – with Bruno Henrique moving to the attacker.

Explanation or stubbornness?

The Arrascaeti questions on the start line raged Abela Brag at a press conference after the match. "What is missing and which is missing (to make Arrascaeta a starter) will always be with me. One thing must be clear: Flamengo is scaled from the inside out." Every day it becomes clear that there is something that prevents Uruguay from being part of the main team.

Of course, entering Arrascaet will create the need to remove someone from the team. With everyone available to you, who will go out? Explanations do not convince fans who believe more and more in the stubbornness of the coach.

Diego protested

In her poll Privacy Policy about who could leave the team to enter Arrascaet, the fans mostly answered Dieg. Last Saturday Abel Braga took a shirt 10 to put Uruguay in the game. The stadiums reacted and spotted the athlete's performance created by Santos.

"The competition is great. [torcedor] in this respect dissatisfied with the coaches. Abel tries to be honest. Everyday training is followed and this decision is not always easy. It is important for Abel to be loyal to what he sees and that he was, "said Diego.

Peace and patience. But by when?

The reserves return from the goal to start heating in the wings of rest. By the way, Flamenco fans explode in one voice: "Ah, Arrascaeta." The Uruguay enters the field a few minutes later, making the team better and get the classification.

"I had a conversation with Abel this week and he asked me to be calm for my chance to come. I'm calm and I'm doing my best in training and the chances I have in the field," Arrascaeta said. Quiet and patient, but when?

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