Sunday , January 24 2021

how Renato paid tribute to Maradona in Grêmi’s victory

Last night (27), Guild went to Paraguay and won Guaraní from 2 to 0, in a match valid for the quarterfinals Conmebol Libertadores.

Even a home goal defeat will qualify the Immortals in the return leg.

Despite the expressive victory of the gaucho team, it seems that everyone was attracted by the tribute paid by coach Renato Portaluppi to Diego Armando Maradona, who died last Wednesday afternoon (25).

According to columnist Eduardo Gabardo, from Zero hours, Renato had an idea for a tribute days before the start of the match and asked for help from the logistics company Grêmia to buy a shirt from the Argentine team.

However, it was difficult to find any product associated with Maradona due to high demand. Those responsible found the shirt in a retro store and took it to the coach.

Grêmio’s closets only needed to put a bandage on the sponsor’s brand so Renato would have no problem.

The honor was well appreciated by the Argentine press. Diary Ole praised Renato Portaluppi and highlighted the creative attitude of coach Grêmio.

“A Brazilian coach on the edge of the pitch in Argentina’s shirt? Yes, unbelievable. It happened this Thursday. An unprecedented feat that could only have been caused by Maradona. And that only Renato Portaluppi could have done. Is it that Renata doesn’t care what they say. He let them catch him by heart, “the publication said.

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