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How WhatsApp wants to prevent you from forwarding messages – 04/07/2019

You should have received a message from WhatsApp, which was forwarded to a friend who first seemed strange. But in time, other acquaintances sent the same thing. And given the amount of similar information that comes all the time, you've been quite forced to pay attention to it. The people who warned him did not do that wrong, but they thought that we should share it with you. The problem is the other.

Smoothing messages has become crucial in strategy by people who create wider rumors, false news, and even scams. They know that you want to share it with some of you close. WhatsApp has already noticed and even adopted some limitations, such as limiting the number of recipients to only five contacts. But now the most popular chat service in Brazil prepares a series of measures that not only limit your ability to send certain messages, but also prohibit the display in groups.

WABetaInfo / Playback
"Reporting Tool" in WhatsApp Image: WABetaInfo / Playback

Before putting the plan into action, WhatsApp has created two new features that have not yet been released to anyone but can already be seen in the trial versions of the app. The first of them is "Forwarding Information".

Do you know this window that shows whether the message was received and read by the recipient? Well, he'll get the third element. It will show how many times the same message has already been forwarded.

The second feature is a sign that will appear in the message itself. You may have noticed that the content you submitted again was marked "forwarded" above them. Messages sent at least five times will now be classified as "often forwarded".

WABetaInfo / Playback
WhatsApp "Frequently Delivered" Tool Image: WABetaInfo / Playback

These two new features are included in the beta version of WhatsApp 2.19.86 for Android and for iOS. But by then, the only practical effect of them is to alert users that messages of this kind are viral, that is, keep the ear behind the ear as far as the content is concerned.

WhatsApp is designing, however, is the way to use this information to change how the application is used. The details of the strategy are in the new beta version of the Android service, on 2.19.97.

An app that belongs to Facebook has included this feature in a trial version that will prevent the publication of frequently-forwarded messages in groups. The tool is still being developed by WhatsApp, according to WABetaInfo, who understands how it will work.

Group administrators will gain extra power: Apart from determining whether members can talk to each other, as they do today, they can decide whether to allow messages sent for more than five times to be published in a group. Of course, they will still have the right to leave whatever it is.

Playback / WABetaInfo
WhatsApp will allow group administrators to prohibit publishing of forwarded messages many times Image: Playback / WABetaInfo

If the administrator decides to restrict, this does not mean that the content of that message can never be used in the group. Each member can very well copy what the message says and send it as a text he has written. This would, however, make the dissemination process slower, which could discourage sharing.

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There is no prediction when the new feature reaches all WhatsApp users, but its development signals that the application is interested in exploding the deceptive content that uses the virus spread platform.

This week, the application has already taken a step in that direction: it has announced a way for users to avoid inclusion in the groups without distinction. Now you can only select contacts for that.

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