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In BiH, 81.3% of tenants will not hire temporary workers this year – the economy

(photo: Ramon Lisboa / EM / D.A Press)
(photo: Ramon Lisboa / EM / D.A Press)

By the end of the year, it always appears to those looking for a job as an opportunity to return to the labor market. Motivation is a temporary contract that happened in that period. This year's scenario, however, is in the animator. The number of entrepreneurs who want to hire dropped from 27.1% in 2017 to 18.7% this year, which is a 31% decrease compared to 2017. The vast majority, 81.3%, does not intend to hire to cover demand growth.

The only good news is that tenants intending to open temporary jobs, more than half (50.4%) should be employed. The data are included in the Belo Horizonte Chamber of Commerce (CDL-BH) poll.

According to the CDL survey, the reason for the reduction was "a slow economic recovery that was not enough to have a significant impact on consumption." Data show that employers have to employ on average 3.5 employees, according to research.

Most employ two to four employees (46.1%). Those who will increase the team with only 1 employee of 28.4%, between 5 and 7 (15.8%, 8 to 10 (5.9%) and above 10 (3.8%).

"Last year (2017) we came from a very complex year, which was in 2016. The economy started reacting, so it was a more optimistic scenario. In 2018 we started to grow, everything signaled in that direction, but truck drivers strike, election period and dollar growth, "said Ana Paula Bastos, economist at CDL-BH.

Yet, according to her, the service sector, the capital base and the urban area, one of the last emerging from the crisis, ending with the instability, is ending, which is affecting the delays in the continuation of the economy here.

"Interest rates are lower, unemployment slows down, but many people move from formal jobs to informality or unemployment," he said.

Among the sectors that intend to contract, the segments of supermarket and food products (4.7%), textiles, clothing, accessories and sketches (4.2%), articles (3.4%) were highlighted. J stores and bookstores in the bookstore and others accounted for only 2.1 percent.

The seller's position as much as he has opportunities. The open location should accumulate 69.5% of posts, followed by merchants (8.4%), money (7.5%), warehouse (6.7%). They are still part of the fiscal list (5.9%) of job vacancies, the trade assistant (1.2%) and the bathroom and the real (0.8%).

Among the forms of employment, the indicator is, according to the CDL survey, the most appropriate way.

Difficult to rent

Despite a small number of vacancies, especially in comparison to previous years, employers complain that jobseekers are banned.

Lack of professionalism and responsibility highlighted 42.7% of retailers as a barrier to their efficiency. Missing experience (20.1%), lack of training (17.4%) and costs (4.3%). For 13% there is no difficulty in hiring. Others did not react (1.5%) and 0.8% indicated the selection procedure as an obstacle.

For the CDL economist, even with the scenario of pessimism, opportunity should be seen as a way of entering the labor market. "People who are employed must take advantage of it, it must be proactive, you have access to it, no doubt a good opportunity," he says.

The research conducted by CDL de BH has heard 499 residents, by telephone, between October 4 and 24 in Belo Horizonte.

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