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Interruption: Changes in delinquency of the largest witness against Lule caused distrust in Lava Jato Brazil

New site for the Lava Jet prosecutor on the site Overtake Brazil and released this Sunday in the newspaper About me they point out that the plaintiffs mistrusted the version of the chief witness against Lule in the case of Gulf of Guaruja. Léo Pinheiro, the owner of the OAS construction company, changed his version for several months until he finally incriminated the former president and said he even told him to destroy the evidence. In its final version, which was accepted by the prosecutors, he stated that the apartment on the São Paulo coast was a gift to Luli in return for the blessing of the Government. PT was condemned by Sergio Moro, who was considered a former president received from the construction company money from corruption hidden in buying an apartment in exchange for deviations from the contract with Petrobras. Lula serves 8 years and 10 months for passive corruption and money laundering. In an interview with EL PAÍS, Lula said Pinheiro told his lawyer that he had changed his attorney's testimony.

Testimony of Léo Pinheira was fundamental to the conviction of the former president. It was used as the basis for the cancellation of a working group that claimed that the OAS group, whose lead contractor, paid 87.6 million euros for contract fees with Petrobras. The percentage of this value, said the Lave Jato working group, was awarded to political agents of PT in the general account of the deductions that the party held in the construction company. According to this report, in the case of Guarujá this would amount to 2.42 million and would refer to the difference between the triplex and the type of apartment that the Lula family has already bought in the building in the quota of the co-operative and in the reforms and assets for property.

According to a report released Sunday, prosecutors' inquiries have been triggered by anonymous sources transect suggest that Léo Pinheira's reports have undergone several changes until the award ceremony. Initially, an indictment against Pinheira, who was already sentenced to 16 years in prison, was dismissed. His testimony did not serve to condemn Lule, since he said that the reforms and property in the property were intended to please the former president and not have a similar identity in the blessing of the Government. The prosecutors of the working group believed that the version was less credible.

At that time, Pinheiro was awaiting his appeal at the Federal Regional Court of 4 (TRF), but was afraid of losing and arrests. Lawmakers were wondering if it would be possible to postpone the appeals hearing until the publication of the new annexes, but prosecutors said the solution was not a judicial process. On April 20, 2016, the plaintiffs' messages reveal this box. Januario Paludo wrote: "I think you have to arrest Lea Pinheira, say a little, I think, I think you have to let the TRF catch it."

On July 21 of the same year, attorney Athayde Ribeiro Costa told the group of prosecutors: [os advogados] submitted the allegations and requested the signing of the confidentiality agreement. We deny the lack of an annex and omit a few items. "Roberson Pozzobon then replied:" At the last meeting we said we would have to significantly improve the records. They said they would improve and bring them today. "The confidentiality agreement, a step towards disclosure, was signed in August, the day before Veja's magazine reported about Pinheiro's testimony that OAS Supremo Dias Toffoli Several prosecutors were even defending the deal with Léo Pinheiro for this leak in order to avoid disagreement with the Supreme Court.

On August 20, Deltan Dallagnola's working group coordinator said: "I do not know if the contributions have been developed, but if the contributions are good, I do not think this is the case." PSDB is the best PSDB we've ever seen. responded: "This maneuver can cost us a lot of money, the STF will close and they will end our dealings. I do not think the risk is worth it. We must clearly signal that we will not be used. "He continued:" The contributions of the OAS are not worth it. In my opinion, they are a very bad lawyer [da empresa] is a bad figure and Léo Pinheiro is a performer with more evidence against him. "

A week later, he says sheetVeja published the excerpts from seven statements by Pinheiro and stated that OAS had discovered the existence of a secret account for Luli's payment. On August 26, 2016, prosecutor Anna Carolina asked the group, "Was it because of the secret account of Lule?" Lawyer Sérgio Bruno replies: "About Luli did not want to bring Guarujin's apartment, they said they did not have a crime, they never talked about it." The existence of an account was crucial in the case not only to be effective, but also to be held within the working group in Curitiba. It is precisely this account, where illegal money is deposited from corruption, linked the case triumphs with Guarujá with Petrobras, the subject of an investigation of the working group.

The performer says sheetLava Jato was treated with suspicion almost all the time he was willing to cooperate with the investigations. The entrepreneurial version merely deserved recognition when the narrative about Guarjino triplex changed. Léo Pinheiro was arrested in September 2016, and demobilization negotiations were halted by 2017. The State Attorney's Office and the Working Group in Curitiba agreed to resume negotiations on a possible award in March 2017, when the process opened to investigate the trio approaching to the end, and Léo Pinheiro was preparing to test him.

The version that incursed Lulu was only presented in April 2017, more than a year after the start of negotiations. Then Pinheiro told Morocco in Curitib that there was such a bill for PT, which, according to him, left the money for a triple reform. He also said on April 24, 2017 that Lula had instructed him to destroy evidence of his party connection after Lava Jato began.

On 13 July 2017, the Working Group Coordinator, Deltan Dallagnol, expressed concern about time Agreement. "Dear OAS, it is important to consider the moment of agreement with Leo Pinheiro. It can not seem like a reward for Lulino's conviction." Prosecutor Jerus Viecili on August 3 of that same year stated that the version of the company was "illogical". "There was a command to destroy the evidence, and in that case the company was dishonest because there was never any statement about it, except when Leo spoke at a hearing about the destruction of evidence, it was not mentioned."

The awarded plea agreement was withdrawn and closed at the end of 2018. But so far, the State Attorney's Office, Raquel Dodge, has not been forwarded to the STF, and Pinheiro is still in prison.

Flower Defense

Changes in the versions given by Leo Pinheiro were the defeat of Lion's defense since the signing. Léo [Pinheiro], who was stuck here and filed a complaint against me, spent three years talking about something and then changed the speech. My attorney asked why he said it and said "my lawyer sent me." And what he said, "Lula knew," said the former president in an interview with EL PAÍS Brasil and Folha in April this year.

Still, working group Lave Jato said that the material presented in the report does not allow the context and truthfulness of content to be verified. "Lava Jato is held on the basis of solid evidence and consistent condemnation. The work of the working group has been analyzed and confirmed by various courts in the judiciary, in an impartial and independent manner, "he said in a statement published by the newspaper.

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