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Justice defines intervention in the health care plan of Ufes – Cities



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justice interventions in the health plan. t Federal University of Espírito Santo (Casufes), with more than six thousand associates and an estimated capital of over 30 million R $. measure valid for 90 days, a period that can be extended, and at the end of the two appointed members must convene a general assembly for the election and possession of the new board of directors.

The decision was passed by the Judge of the 7th Civil Court in Victoria, Marcos Assef of Vale Deps, dated May 3. According to procedural progress, it was completed on October 5, when the board of directors who led the plan was rejected. In the document, the judge points out that there are documents in the proceedings that "show excessive costs incurred by the current administration, meetings without the submission of minutes, unjustified increase in administrative costs", "Douta Parquet (the prosecutor has heard) claiming" there are strong indicators of arbitrariness " implemented by the Steering Board and non-compliance with the legal mission of the subject. "

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The judge also points out in the same document that "the risk of harm and the risk of a useful outcome of the proceedings consists in the fact that the delays in the court provision may result in the exhaustion of the association's property or serious weaknesses in its financial health". intervention.

Two interventions have been appointed to form the Temporary Administrative Commission, which should submit a monthly report with administrative, property, accounting and financial information. It must also perform within 90 days the revision of the economic, patrimony and administrative situation. In the end, he will convene a general assembly for the election and possession of a new board of directors.


The health plan of the server at the Federal University Espírito Santo (Casufes) was the subject of charges filed by the Fiscal Council and research conducted by various organs. This time the opposition was sent by his former supervisor Antonio Carlos dos Santos Cruz, who in April this year abolished the board of directors who eventually dismissed the state court following a lawsuit filed at the 7th Civil Court in Vitoria.

Antonio mentioned eight reasons that led him to court. Some of them have already been part of ongoing investigations, such as a company audit report that would point to abuses of the plan's resources; employing a dental health plan for servers at a higher cost, which would cause a loss of 516,000 R; and hiring the company to act as a healthcare provider. "What has reduced Casual's monthly fee from $ 400,000 to $ 90,000 without passing through the assembly, causing damage to the plan," he explained.

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In addition, according to him, the committee accounts rejected, in connection with 2018, were not approved at the user's meeting. "There was even a cost reimbursement only with the signature of the president, the disrespect of the statute, in some cases with the signature of the bank manager," Antonio reported, also informing that several servers participating in the group of messaging applications were subject to criminal proceedings due to disagreement with board actions which the court has withdrawn.


In addition to these facts that motivated the request for intervention, Casufes was the target of three investigations of convictions of various types of fraud, redirection of resources, even for election campaign, and irregularities. Among the dozens of problems found, there are fraud in the user's registry, income tax, fake dismissal, fraudulent EU funds, and the facts have been dismissed by the Federal Ministry of Public Order (MPF), which received a lawsuit and asked the Federal Police, at the end of last year, .

At the same time, the State Public Prosecutor's Office filed a lawsuit filed by the 28th Vicariate State Attorney's Office, which investigates other fraud and irregular acts. Charges filed by the Fiscal Council of Casuals fall to the administration dismissed by the court. There are payment reports paid to the board without budget estimates, increased costs with lawyers, fraud in minutes of meeting and employment.

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One of the issues that questioned and gave grounds for canceling the Fiscal Council was the compensation paid to six members of the Executive Board. Chosen in February 2018, they began to receive monthly values ​​ranging from 6,000 to 10,000 R. According to the counselor who pronounced the charges, this was not discussed at the assembly.

The previous boards did not get anything. The present defines the value of wages without passing through the assembly

Fernando Coutinho Bissoli

On the other hand, the dismissed committee also pointed out at least 27 points of irregularities committed by previous administrations, and some of them resulted in fraud, misuse of funds and other serious crimes. Situations were reported to the Federal Ministry of Public Administration (MPF), according to the chairman who was dismissed, Alexandrea Ramos Ricardo, in an interview Online Newspaper in February this year.

According to Ricardo, another situation that is considered serious is that they have established that members of previous administrations have an exemption from the health plan. However, these people did not report to Ufes, and they continued to receive a portion of the Union, which provided funds to officials to pay their health plans. "This is the appropriation of the Union's resources," Alexandre said in an interview in February.

One more side

The resigned president, Alexandre Ramos Ricardo, did not want to talk about intervention yesterday afternoon. For the past seven years, he and other members of the board of directors filed a lawsuit against him, appealing to the Casusese case. They point out that the decision was "misleading and misguided" because there is still no complete investigation into irregularities.

The deterioration also states that holding new elections is determined without the directors being able to file their defense. The document emphasizes that directors "chose members at a meeting that was regularly convened and conducted, legally registered, all in order to respect the status of Casual and its purpose, with the aggravating (directors) in full execution of the mandate", says in the text. .

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They point out that the manifestation of the Public Prosecutor's Office would be irregular because Casufes is "a legal person of private law, or an association formed by UFES servers, which does not receive any public funding". It also points out that candidates were proposed by members of the former Supervisory Board, which would contaminate the appointment.

Their appeal, although urgently required, is still pending before the Fourth Civic Council of the Court of Justice.

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