Thursday , February 25 2021

Larissa Manoela was criticized after sharing the photo. Look at it:

Actress and singer Larissa Manoela it does not make sense when the subject is a critique that comes from the netizen. And this time it was no different. Larissa shared the photo on her Instagram moments before her theater performance in Curitiba.

Larissa Manoela and a photo that has been criticized

The followers criticize Larisa Manoel's appearance

Larissa's comments were not the best friends. Always criticized for her early forging, the actress has been constantly criticized "Haters".

"Already a woman of 30 years, wearing a lot of makeup does not suit you!" said the follower.

"Precisely 48 Years" Another surfer was joking.

Called by Globo, Larissa Manoela can leave Silvio Santos

There was some rumor about the possible departure of the actress and singer Larissa Manoela for globe pop in the media. But these rumors got stronger after the actress admitted there was interest in global television.

"They did not even talk to their parents. They asked for me for another time, but today I can say that I'm in the SBT with a contract until the end of next year, and the future belongs to God alone." Lari reported on TV Fame.

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International career in the eyes!

However, for TV Fame, Larissa Manoela has revealed plans for her international career. He was invited to perform and sing outside the country.

"In the future, who knows, I have suggestions for an international career as an actress and who knows as a singer, I had a chance to make a show in the US in Orlando and that was a success,said the singer and actress.

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Getting to know Leo City

Almost 11 months together, Larissa i Leo City always share with their followers in their social networks the sweet moments between them. The lovers took over the romance at the end of 2017 and called the animation of Encantado.

Larissa Manoela and Leo City

Neymar and Bruna together? Romance can be really rolling!

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