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Marina Ruy Barbosa speaks of criticism and fantastic realism in the novel: "There's No Commitment with Coherence & # 39;

"The Seventh Guardian" debuts this Monday (12) with a graphic that differs from the conventional one. Roman Aguinaldo Silva deals with fantastic realism through vision and mystical relations with the sword Leon (Eduardo Moscovis). On the skin of the protagonist Luz, Marina Ruy Barbosa defended the genre chosen by the author. "I think that the secret and the foot little from the reality give the taste on the ground and that people also love, are interested, I hope the public liked the same way as me, it is a novel that has no commitment to coherence, but we do the same with the truth. I think that balance is a recipe for action, "explained columnist Patricia Kogut, the newspaper" O Globo ".

Actress removes concerns about criticism: "I think I'm doing good"

Despite the cold in the belly before the debut, the redhead convinced her to avoid thinking about receiving the public:If I come to work worried about accepting, I will take the first step. I think I'm doing well, giving a credible voice story and fulfilling my role, performing the character in the right way to plot the plot that the author imagined. It's not about seeking acceptance, but about attracting audiences together. It is a natural consequence when the character is made with dedication, seriousness and affection. "

Red does not define Light as a girl: & # 39; Trying to move away from a label & # 39;

The actress, with a dream of living a villain, did not want to define Light as a young girl: "I always try to move away from these labels, I do not see Luz as a young girl, but she is a good heart, good and bad choices." On the way to the label, has still taken the interference of the winning glory of "interrupting": "If I say I do not mind, I will lie." The Tag Limits No one should be marked We are multiple, as we do a certain activity, nothing prevents us from enjoying other things and wanting to experiment. I am that. I think it will become clearer over time. But if it is "upright" to be professional, dedicated and choose a more reserved lifestyle, I see no problem. "

(for Tatiana Mariano)

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