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Matheus Brum: "Good First Impression" – Flamengo – News, Announcements, Games and Stages


Hello, Friends and Fla. After much waiting and anxiety, we saw Flamenga in the field under Jorge Jesus command (a play on this link). It was not a great match, not a worthy point. However, this allows us to see the "face" of this new Flamenge going to a very important semester in search of titles.

JJ climbed to Flamengo as I was looking for since the start of the season. The flyer, Diego, who took the exit ball and trio of half the attacker moving, trying to break the marking lines and be closer to Gabigol. In an interview after the match, the coach said that the actors "practically do not have another flyer," meaning that shirt 10 can be used in the role.

This observation is interesting. It shows that Cuellar must be the absolute holder of Return Glass America and that Aaron and Piris challenge the state of the reserve. I doubt Ronaldo. In the coach's opinion, is he the second flyer or not? At least when he entered the game, in the second half, he behaved like one. Speech also indicates that an athletic function should arrive in this portable window.

Returning to the field and the ball, another point that attracted attention was a small number of crossings in the area. The performances continued but with low transitions, seeking to complete the mid-distance. That's how Diego got the first goal. This change is extremely positive because most of the balls did not take the risk (Gabigol is not tall or a good header).

Madureira did not bring Flamengo much defensive difficulties. However, I was somewhat concerned about the defense system. Playing with high score – exploiting the opposing lack of quality – I felt the defenders move away from the socks line. That's something to do better.

It was just the first test, and it was not an official match either. The beginning shows us that we can tune in. From this team that has come to the field today, there are still parts that can be changed, mostly with the return of Cuéllar and Arrascaete from Copa América and Everton Ribeira from the medical department.

I bet on Cuéllar, Diego, Bruno Henrique, Arrascaeta and ER7, with Gabigol de centroavante. The quest for the second shirt 9 shows that JJ wants to have options for the function and for possible system changes. Portugal had a habit of playing in 4-1-3-2.

For less than 10 days of work, Jorge Jesus shows that he has clear ideas on how to make a victorious Flemish. We can only wait and hope!

Matheus Brum
Twitter: @MatheusTBrum

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