Wednesday , January 20 2021

Mega-Sena accumulates for the fifth time in a row and will pay R $ 33 mi

No one hit six dozen competition 2096 from Mega-Sena, drawn on a Wednesday night in the city Manhumirim, u Minas Gerais, The award that was R $ 27 million, accumulated by the fifth consecutive path and now you can pay R $ 33 million in the next drawing, in Saturday.

a dozen drawings They were:

06 – 11 – 13 – 19 – 24 – 51

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Mega-Sena did not have a shot from the moment it was played October 25, when the player won the prize R $ 20 million, According to Federal Savings Bank, 186 bets hit the corner and will take R $ 14,941.13 each. The court already had 10,842 winning bets, which they will get R $ 364.20 each. The whole collection is over 52 million pounds.

Who intends to take $ 33 million in the next contest can place bets up to 19:00 (Brasilia) on the day of the next entry into any lottery in the country, Minimum bet, of 6 numbers, costs R $ 3.50The more numbers you get, the bigger the bet bigger chances to charge The most favorable Brazilian award.

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