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Moro approves the use of the National Forces in the Esplanade Ministries after the GSI request policy

The Rulebook signed by Justice Minister Sérgio Moro approved the use of national security forces for a period of 33 days in Esplanada dos Ministérios, via Brasilia, which is concentrated in the main public buildings in the capital. The Ordinance published in the "Official Gazette of the Union" came into force on Wednesday (17).

According to the Justice Ministry, Moro responded at the request of the Office of Institutional Security (GSI), bureaucracy headed by Minister Augusto Helena, who is responsible for the president's security and intelligence operations.

Created in 2004 by Luiza Inácio Lula da Silva, the National Force consists of military police officers, military firefighters and forensic experts nominated by state security departments. This power is activated in situations of public harassment and can act in any federation unit with the approval of the Minister of Justice.

The GSI Counseling Center confirmed that the National Power Research Initiative at the Esplanade was briefcases and reported that the motivation was to predict that demonstrations would take place in the central part of Brasilia in the coming weeks.

According to the Office for Institutional Security, the request for the use of national forces is "preventive" in order to guarantee the security of Union and server assets operating in the public buildings of the region.

"Please note that this process is part of the attribute definition contained in the Integrated Security Protocol of the Ministry of the Federal Government of the Federal District," said GSI Advisor in the note.

The Ministry also noted in the statement that the use of national police officers depends on the prior approval of the Ministry of Justice, as required by law.

The Ordinance published on Wednesday in the "Official Gazette" states that the contingent that will be available for work in the Esplanade region will be defined after planning by the Ministry of Justice. In addition, the act signed by Moro emphasizes that the deadline of 33 days may be extended, "if necessary".

"If the restoration does not require the body to back it, the money will be withdrawn immediately after the expiration of this rule book," says one of the articles in the official file.

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