Tuesday , November 19 2019
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"My grandmother thinks I'm an embankment," says Sabrina Paiva

During the afternoon, Sabrina Paiva and Thayse Teixeira talked in the headquarters room. A digital influencer asked if Sabrina's family would not worry about Miss Miss sleeping with Rodrigo Phavanell every day, Sabrina replied very calmly: "I don't think so, I only slept with him when I needed to share a bed without people staying. We don't do much, I see no problem. It's just a favor. "

After the miss, she added, "My mother is calm, my grandmother who may think it's bad, but I don't think so. Before I walked in here, she thought I was an embankment." After people laughed, Sabrina gave more details: "Once she heard the call from me and my God, she kept talking about it, but I was talking about food and she thought it was female. I have a few friends, so several people have lived me alive. Since I have had no relationship for almost two years, she thought I would become an embankment. "

Thayse jokingly said, "So she has to thank God you're with Rodrigo here. She won't even care that you two sleep together."

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