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Nintendo Switch, 32m – 5 games sold more than 10 million copies each!

Nintendo has just released its financial results in the third fiscal quarter of 2018 (Q3 FG 2018)covering the last three months of the previous calendar year. The Financial Report for the Third Quarter of 2018 shows that the company had the following numbers:

Period →Q3 FY 2017
(From October to December 2017)
Q3 FG 2018
(From October to December 2018)
recipe482.97 billion euros
($ 4.32 billion)
608.39 billion euros
($ 5.47 billion)
+ 25.96%
Gross profits182.59 billion euros
($ 1.63 billion)
237.06 billion euros
($ 2.13 billion)
+ 29.83%
Operating profit116.50 billion
($ 1.04 billion)
158.62 billion euros
($ 1.43 billion)
+ 36.15%

In the best season of sales, BigN increased revenue by almost 26%, and gains increased by 30% compared to Q3 2017. And that's his fault, the Nintendo Switch.


In just 22 months of sales, the installed Switcha network has already touched the Nintendo 64 firm (Nintendo:

Between October and December 2018 Switch sold "only" 9.41 million units in a civilized world. An average of just over 3 million units per month. Recalling that in the same period, in 2017, the hybrid console sold respectable 7.23 million units.

As Nintendo confirmed the world sales of 22.86 million consoles by September 2018, adding all that we had until the fourth trimester of the 2018 calendar year, a 32.27 million Nintendo Switch console base was installed. This means that in 22 months of sales, the hybrid console is very close to reaching the installed base of Nintendo 64 in the fifth generation (32.97 million).

Net and mini consoles of NES delivered 13.4 million units. Start to get yours because the Japanese will no longer fill the current shares in the US, for example. As for the 3DS family, it still managed to sell 1.31 million consoles in those three months … with Mario Kart 7 doubled 18 million copies sold. Not bad for the 2011 game. years.

In fact, the Nintendo rhythm console with exclusive games and recently the software sold a lot. Very. Let's look at the next Nintendo game ranking at Switch (sold until 31 December):

  1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe – 15.02 million copies;
  2. Super Mario Odyssey – 13.76 million copies;
  3. Super Smash Bros. ultimate – 12.08 million copies;
  4. Legend of Zeldi: Dah divljeg – 11.68 million copies;
  5. Pokémon Go Go Pikachu / eevee – 10 million copies;
  6. Splatoon 2 – 8.27 million copies;
  7. Super Mario Party – 5.3 million copies;
  8. Switch 1-2 – 2.86 million copies;
  9. Mario tennis man – 2.53 million copies;
  10. Stargate Allies Kirby – 2.42 million copies.

It's just incredible to see how Super Smash Bros. ultimate reached 12 million units sold in less than a month from sales. Probably the fastest selling game that does not exist Grand Theft Auto in the name. SSBU has sold a double version of Wii U and is ready to hit it Super Smash Bros. quarrel old Wii.

It's good to remember that at least 3.5 million physical copies of SSBU were sold to Americans, according to the NPD group. and Pokémon Go Go Pikachu / eevee reached the threshold of ten million physical and digital copies in the month and a half of sales, another fantastic feat for Nintendo as a publisher.

Sources: Gematsu and Venture Beat.

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