Thursday , January 21 2021

Nintendo Switch – Datamining in firmware gives advice on possible specifications of the new model – Switch Brasil

Today, it is not new that information is circulating on the networks that Nintendo is working on an improved model of the Nintendo Switch to try to reduce the difference between the technology used in the current version and the extremely more powerful generation of consoles.

SciresM, a well-known hacker who has always worked on researching and dissecting Nintendo hardware either as a means of studying or as a means of facilitating system modification via homwbrews, is researching the latest firmware versions of the Nintendo Switch in search of more specific information about the potential hybrid version.

Below you can summarize what dataminer found in current hardware through his research:

  • Nintendo has been working on the new console model for about a year and a half / two years;
  • SciresM which accredits 4K resolution will be supported based on what you found while combing the firmware, but nothing can be confirmed yet;
  • The code name of the new model is “Class“;
  • There are several references to Mariko as the SoC used by the model;
  • From the references found, SciresM definitely states that a new screen will be used in this version of the Nintendo Switch, in which he believes he is a model YOU ARE.
  • Aula has a Realtek chip that is promoted as “4K UHD Multimedia SoC“. The chip may be inside the new dock, not the tablet itself – but there is no way to validate this information from the current fiwmare;
  • This version of SoC Mariko has cooling system e battery life cycles significantly better.

Rumor! Remember that this information is false / speculative until proven otherwise. Don’t take it or share it as a fact.

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