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No other "Creeps" due to the lack of credibility of clubs, says Leila Pereira – 20.11.201. – Sport

Leila Pereira, a 53-year-old entrepreneur, likes to remember that in early 2015 he began to sponsor Palmeiras. According to the report, no one was looking for her, she "knocked on the door" of the club with the biggest suggestion of sponsorship of Brazilian soccer shirt.

The partnership, currently Palmeiras annually amounts to about $ 80 million, regardless of the athlete's hire, transformed the club into one of the greatest Brazilian football players in the scenario where clubs have difficulty even to pay their players on time.
For Leila, the guilty of these are their own clubs, which do not show credibility for attracting big companies.

"When we arrived, Palmeiras was two years old without sponsorship, almost fell in 2014. As the Palmeiras club did not have sponsorship?" "Due to lack of credibility, companies do not want to be associated with such entities," says Advisor.

in sheet, recorded a year that culminated in winning the Brazilian title by the club and reminded of the controversies involved in the opposition, especially with his former ally and strong Palmeiran's policy, Mustafa Contursi.

How do you see other requests for you to sponsor yours clubs? In São Januario [no jogo do último domingo entre Palmeiras e Vasco], which the staff shouted: "Tatto Leila." It was unusual! Very satisfactory. The frustration that the fan has with me makes me very excited. The contribution to Palmeiras also contributes to Brazilian football as an example of a management whose support for football is back. Other companies can see this model and adopt it in other clubs.

Why there is no other "Crew" & # 39; in Brazilian football? Because of the lack of credibility of clubs. When we arrived, Palmeiras was without sponsorship two years ago, it was almost shortened in 2014. How did the club with Palmeirasine have sponsorships? Because of the lack of credibility. Companies do not want to associate with entities like this.

Without Crege Help, can the club survive? It's hard for me to talk because I'm a sponsor and I put money into the club. But Palmeiras is a giant and has always survived. Even two drops and almost a third. It's obvious that he survives without Crephy, but he has to see what kind of project he could do. Is Palmeirense good and inexpensive? Does not want to. So, Crefis is very important for the Palmeiras, the winner.

Since the beginning of the partnership, Palmeiras has won three national titles. What are the attributes of this success? There were many very positive coincidences. We came in January 2015 and I think two months before they inaugurated the arena, giving Palmeiras a very large income. Together, an exceptionally victorious football director, Alexandre Mattos, has also come.

What is the priority of this club? The priority is always winning the title. The club is not profitable. Obviously not a waste, you have to have the money in the box, but this money should be applied to win the title. We also have a social club, and the biggest home in Brazil must be the best in Brazil. We have adopted a very important change of the statute, which gives the club the opportunity to receive funds through the Sports Incentive Act. Additionally, we can give a big boost to amateur sports and sign up for a social club.

Does this involve investing in women's football? We have not talked about it yet, but whatever the club needs, I will cooperate. Palmeiras must always enter into victory. I can not have a superior male team and a female team, except for the stars.

As a consultant, what will you do for 2018? We had very important victories in the Council. The first was to increase the presidential term of two to three years. For two years it is impossible to lead a club. They told me I was fine, but that was not, it was for the benefit of the club.

Another victory is blessed additives [ao contrato de patrocínio] what the opposition said was damaging Palmeiras. Without them, the club would not have any reinforcements and would not win the title they won. The committee has confirmed that the change from sponsorship to the loan agreement is legal.

Please select Mauritius again [Galiotte] It was also a great victory. He did a great job, modernizing the club. To close the gold key, the Brazilian title was conquered.

Do you want to run for president in 2021? My mandate ends in February 2021 and I will sign up again. As long as a member gives me this honor, I'll be an advisor because I think I can make a lot of contributions, as I did. In November [de 2021], there will be presidential elections. Then I must see how my job will be, my life. Maybe I'm a candidate, but it's just closer to the date I'll see if it's possible. The president must dedicate his life to the club. If my life is in three years as it is today, I will have conditions.

There is no conflict of interest for advisers who are sponsors? Under no circumstances. This is bad from the small opposition he has in the club. Out there, people dive. As a sponsor, I have a contract that I strictly adhere to. As a counselor I will defend the interests of Palmeiras. I'm just putting money, not shooting clubs. Conflict of interest are people who always live at the expense of Palmeiras. What they say [as contratações pagas pela Crefisa] Donations and loans are a lie. There was never any donation. These were the contributions we made to win players. It started with Paul Nobre. It was agreed that the Crew would buy players, but when they sold them, the club would return the money. He has a profit with Palmeiras. The day the Crefis damages Palmeiras, they cover me.

The opposition said she had proposed another sponsor … That same opposition candidate [Genaro Marino], at the time I became the sponsor of Palmeiras, I was Vice President Paulo Nobre. At that time, they could not get sponsorships. I knocked on the door to Palmeiras and said I wanted to sponsor the club. It's odd to me that a sponsorship article appears 3 or 4 days before the election.

The club must do what is best for them. Obviously, if there is a sponsor who pays more and can not cover the offer, I open my hand with the pain of the heart. My desire is to continue in Palmeiras for the rest of his life, but Palmeiras must do what is best for him. I will continue to contribute in another way because I will not leave the club. But I do not know what that company is. I suppose it's just a mess.

How's your relationship with Paul Nobru and Genar? I do not see the former president [Paulo Nobre] by the end of 2015. I think if he goes down the street I do not know who he is. I did not want to get used to it. I have no connection with Genara, too, too. They want my money, but they want me. [do clube], That's not possible, it must be a complete package. S Mustafom [Contursi, ex-presidente], same thing. After that scandal sales ticket [Mustafá teria vendido entradas que haviam sido repassadas pela Crefisa para que ele distribuísse a conselheiros]I had no more relationship.

The opposition says that you put members in the club to get the voices. Has this happened? They should also put it in, as I said. But voting is secret, in the ballot box, I do not know who votes. To vote, you must be a partner for three years. I will continue to put members through the club. They are members who pay monthly, consume clubs, go to the restaurant. We list hundreds of our employees, who are there to provide income for the club. If they do not have a complaint in place, do not disturb who has it. they [oposição] they still complain. Because with the main protagonist of Palmeiras, modern and professional, leisurely living at the expense of the club will no longer be able to "suck tits".

What will be the basis for the renewal of sponsorship? I'll talk to Mauricio again, but one thing I say, I will not diminish value.

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