Saturday , May 15 2021

Offenders enter the North Wing supermarket and officials – JBr.

However, one of the hostages managed to hide and dismiss the military police. Two criminals were arrested.

Ana Karolline Rodrigues
[email protected]

Two attackers were injured in a supermarket at Big Box, 106 North, and kept hostages on Saturday night (6). About 11:00 am a couple entered the facility with a caliber revolver .38 and a machete and began to threaten and attack employees. One of the workers, however, managed to hide in the bathroom and activate the Military Police, which soon arrived at the scene and arrested the robbers in the flag. They were referred to the 5th Police Station (Asa Norte).

According to Lieutenant Sodre from the Military Police of the Federal District (PMDF), the supermarket closed when two men came and announced a robbery. There were about eight employees inside. In addition, the woman who smoked in front of the store was also moved inside the shop and was made for the hostage of criminals. According to Sodré, the duo tried to steal the "extra money" that would be there at that time, but the police still do not know how to say what the value would be.

As a form of threat, the robbers still beat the workers. "To intimidate, they attack the officials." You've seen traces of bruising, wounds on them, especially in your head. They even courted the officials, "Sodra reported.

According to the lieutenant, one of the accused was once a trade employee. For this reason, the crime was planned already considering the routine of the institution. He already knew the routine of the house. Knowing this, he has programmed all his actions. He just made a mistake because one of the officials noticed and managed to close in the bathroom and encourage the police, "he said.

Also, according to military allegations, the couple surrendered only after about an hour after the arrival of the Special Operations Battalion (BOP). "There was no dialogue, because they were locked there, we sat in silence until they knocked on the door and said they would surrender, which lasted about an hour," he said.

According to the PMDF, surrender was carried out in accordance with safety standards, and hostages were released. After being surrendered, the police continued scanning the entire length of the supermarket and found no other dangers.

Here's a picture of police action:

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