Tuesday , May 18 2021

Overdue during the weekend? See calorie consumption of 16 daily activities that help you lose weight

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Monday came and many people are worried about losing the extra pounds they have won over the weekend. A good part is that everyday activities, such as changing the lifts to the stairs and walking the dog, can be of great help.

Before thinking of encouraging people to exercise and preventing diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and sedentary lifestyle, Folha Vitória Saúda, before mentioning the best practices, clarifies some common doubts about physical activity.

Many people who deal with physical activity become worried they do not practice on a day of the week. The most popular thought is: training every day makes it easier to achieve goals. But, according to the physical enlightenment and sports expert Leandro Gomes, this idea is actually a mistake.

"Regardless of the person's goal (if it's hypertrophy, weight loss, among other things) you do not have to spend hours and go every day in the gym," Gomes said.

According to a specialist, it is necessary to rest, because in that time frame a person's body can develop. "There is not an ideal number of training days, what a professional who will work with a student should be aware of who the student is and what their goals are."

Leandro explains that a professional should adapt a routine student training. "For example, a student who is active without weight problems can be said to be ideal for him to train at least 4 to 5 days with rest intervals." She trains twice a week, and she is already physically developing, "he said is.

The expert also warns that those who are already practicing some sports and yet are looking for bodybuilding, must be careful not to disturb the development with simultaneous exercises.

Leandro comments that even those who do not deal with physical activity regularly exercise the body. In this regard, the expert has listed 16 activities that are commonplace daily and can eliminate calories.

Can A walk with a dog can spend up to 150 calories per day;

At a walk at a light pace of up to 250 calories, at a moderate pace of 300 calories (one hour both);

Clean Make a full cleanup and spend up to 150 calories per hour;

Walking in a mall or grocery store is considered a light walk to help you with daily caloric costs;

As you leave the elevator to the side and climb up the stairs, we lose up to 100 calories on every 5 floors;

Musical Play musical instruments, such as guitar, up to 150 calories per hour;

A Charging the baby for one hour consumed up to 140 calories;

For 30 minutes we spend up to 280 calories;

For one hour cooking it makes us spend up to 180 calories;

Minutes Standing for 20 minutes we spent 30 calories;

For 30 minutes driving, we spent 250 calories;

Sleep If we can sleep eight hours a day, we spend up to 450 calories;

A Rusty Door Painting can eliminate up to 435 calories;

Ing Lawn Lawn Removes 395 Calories;

Clothes Turning clothes an hour eliminates 151 calories;

Can Cooking can eliminate 168-348 calories.

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